Five Objects For the Afterlife

Diagram of 5 Items to Afterlife

1. Swedish Horse

2. Dad’s Fishing Shorts

3. Pocket Knife

4. Film Cassette

5. U.S. Passport

I chose these items because they best represent who I am and where I come from. I can generalize these 5 items into 3 categories. Practicality, Curiosity, and Culture. The Fishing shorts and Pocket knife represent tools that I commonly use and value for their function and usefulness. The Film Cassette represents my passion for film making and media, the cassette is of the first documentary interview I ever conducted. The final two items are my US Passport and a Swedish Horse Key Chain; these objects represent my cultural background and the influences the rest of the world has had on my lens. I imagine that my curiosity and expression through visuals tie my practical and cultural sides together as a way of interpreting. To go into a bit more detail…

-The Swedish Horse is significant because I hold Swedish citizenship. My mother was born and raised there and many of our traditions and holidays have a Swedish influence. My Girlfriend also just moved to Sweden and my grandparents still live there most of the year.

-My passport represents the amount of travel i’ve done as a “third culture kid.” I spend a significant amount of my childhood living in Bangkok, Thailand, where I was exposed to many different cultures and was able to explore South East Asia.

- My fathers old fishing shorts represent a practical side of me, As well as my father as a role model.

- The pocket knife represents my value in utility and practicality.

- The film container represents my passion for storytelling and visualizing. At a young age I discovered I was dyslexic. I preferred to express myself through visuals rather than writing. This specific cassette was part of the first documentary I made, with some of the first interviews I ever conducted. During this project I realized how much I loved learning about people and asking questions.

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