Wonder Lab - 10 Objects

The items I chose to describe myself were:

1. Benchmade Pocket Knife

2. Wooden puzzle

3. Small note book

4. Swedish Horse Keychain

5. Dad’s old fishing shorts

6. Film making book

7. Origami Shrimp

8. Cloth Covered Flask

9. Old Swedish Ship Key

This assignment made me realize that I didn’t really have a collection of valuable objects or keep sakes. Although I was limited to the things that I had with me in college, I couldn’t put my mind on any object in my childhood home that I would want to bring. My next instinct was to gather objects and items that I had in my possession that other people had given to me or had some relation to someone else. This wasn’t a conscious decision. I naturally went to the items that didn’t so much reflect me as it did reflect the people in my life. In class, several of my peers agreed that all of these items seems to be a collection of things given to me by other people. It’s true, each one of the items listed above either were given to me or I got with someone.

One comment I received was: “most of these objects seem to have a more sentimental meaning, rather than being practical. I think this person values the people who gave them, or places the objects represent.” I think it is interesting that when told to bring 10 objects that represent me, I innately looked for objects that had significance and connections with other people.

It was a satisfying realization.

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