Fascism Wins Because Your White Feminist Girlfriend Slay Queened a War Criminal
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

You’re only partially right. White man won in America the same way they won here in Brazil. While they are earning millions (AND TRYING TO EARN MILLIONS), minorities are yelling in the street or stuck in “social scientificism”.

There are two types of black activism:

The one that you go and start to yell, or write an article about something. This one is the activism that the status quo tolerates, you won’t get shot for that. A black woman in some university department talking about the civil spanish war doesn’t threat no elite at all.

And the other one is to actually grab the power as a minoritie, like indians in rural Brazillian country. Or huge companies owned by black woman. This activism is what really disrupts the system. On that, you should expect real threaths.

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