Combat Game on Public Places in Reality Clash

If you have played PokemonGo where its almost like a real world and you as a player can roam around in your town playing with the rest of players, you will certainly like Reality-Clash. Reality-Clash is a war game where it uses the real geo map, real place in your neighborhood for which you can play like combat game but this time not to monsters but with with everyone in the network. This would mean we can shoot each other on public places using our phones, imagine that!

shoot your opponents wanting to ambush you.

Reality-Clash is going to be available on iPhone and Android gadgets with commercial military weapons for which ERC token that will be released for Reality Clash will be useful. The Reality Clash Coin (RCC) will be the only coins accepted when buying weapons and ammo to be use in the military game. These coins are the RCC gold and silver which also have an intrinsic USD value on the App.

Reality Clash Coin (RCC) is going to be backed by Ethereum network and will only have the supply of 100 Million. But the developer team is releasing 50,000,000 RCC for the early investors of the game. If you become on of the early investors, you’d profit in the coming years because apart from this Reality Clash combat game, the team is also looking to extend the functionalities and build several games and in next years to come.

Learn more about the tokensale on their site, click here and learn about the the plans of the developers in their whitepaper.

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