I Got Scammed By A Silicon Valley Startup
Penny Kim

It’s fascinating how people don’t talk more about the scams of Silicon Valley. There are quite a lot.

I recognize many of the situations you described. The self-description that is almost poetic and shows 20+ years of experience, the “non-stop” work (it’s not non-stop at all), the easy to influence foreign help who trustingly leave their home countries for this technology Mecca.

The truth is 90% of Silicon Valley is identical companies, doing identical things, in identical ways.

Driven by the Napoleon Complex, most founders are more preoccupied nurturing the culture of image and self-loving attitude while sustaining this purist row of villages where everybody is doing well, everybody is saving the world and everybody has investors in their back-pocket. Yeah…

You can’t be the next somebody when you’ve always been a nobody.

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