Why you should buy that $4 cup of coffee

A friend of mine told me: make you own cup of coffee instead of buying on-the-go cups of coffee and you will be able to save annually $700.

I just don’ see things as he did.

So? What are you gonna do with that extra money you won’t see anyway?

You won’t be rich. By the time you’d be 80 you will just be old.

Instead, invest on your passion, your skills, you career by going out of your home and actually put the hard work to earn more than what that cup cost you.

Economists call that the marginal benefit. It applies to the entire economy but you also can apply it to your personal economy.

It could be a direct or indirect investment in your carrer:

  • Direct investment: Calling, emailling potential customers. Working (not playing business) on a contract.
  • Indirect investment: Brainstorming, planning your daily, weekly and monthly quotas.

Don’t get me wrong, the idea behind the cup of coffee is to put yourself in a deep concentration state of mind by allowing yourself to be free of distractions. The caffein is secondary but can also help to get more shit done.