Filling up that resume

a short story…

As I approach my senior year in the pursue of my Computer Science degree, I have to face the sudden realization that I might be graduating college with no tangible work or even coding experience.

I’m sure it is not only me. Not all of us landed those fancy internships at those big companies like Facebook, Microsoft or Apple. Some just work too hard after school to do more studying and coding in their free time. Either way, as I go deeper with my research it seems that a Computer Science degree is not the ticket to a secure job everybody thinks it to be.

After hearing a lot of useful and not useful advice from a lot of programmers and CS graduates I decided that if I was going to graduate without an internship, the only way to prove a potential employer that I had coding experience was to embark in a very confusing journey of attempting to contribute to any Open Source applications out there.

Researching open source

I had no idea Github had a trending page where I could see which open source applications were popular out there. And I sure as hell did not know that there was an issues tab where I could see how I could help.

Anyways, if you go to the top trending this month you’ll see it: the repo for Free Code Camp. I had to see what it was. It sounded appealing.

I ended up at a website with an amazing philosophy. They provide free web development courses and challenges which once finished will give you a certification. Once you have three certifications you can work contributing to nonprofit organizations. At first I was skeptical of the price, because as I started grinding through the little HTML and CSS challenges I saw that this was a very well developed system, much like my experience with other paid courses such as Code School and Codecademy.

Still looking for ideas

Either way, I digress. My only goal here is to get hired. Not only hired, but hired in a company big enough, or confident enough in me to take the risk on an international student, and now that the time of graduating comes and my resume is still a few sentences short of a blank piece of paper, I am not so sure that is going to happen.

I have read countless times that employers care if you are “passionate”, and if you have coding experience even if it is not for a company. That might be true but passion I cannot measure. I am hopeful that more services like these can provide us dedicated students with some way to have an edge over the competition, and that those who do want to code get the chance to do it, even if it is for free.

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