Funny Love Story: kiss included

Oh well hello, my name is Gabriel, if you’re here I hope that you will laugh with this story. And I expect that some of the readers feel identified with it, or only be entertained .Also thanks for reading. Be prepared the for a story full of gifs. If u don’t like this, suck my ass.

Ok so have you ever seen a plane crash ? I hope you do, because that’s my story of me falling in love hahaha.

I’m gonna start with the awkward story, I hope she doesn't read this. Ok so I found this girl very attractive, on Instagram, we are gonna called her X. She was one year older, in simple words she was my crush haha.

This was like 2 years ago, I started texting her in snapchat, she was chill you know like a normal girl. So my first step of flirting was to ask her ,like, do you have a boyfriend?

And she answered me: No, and also I’m not trying to find one.

My answer was like: That’s good, you know it is better to wait for someone later.

But my inner me was like:

The days passed away and we stop talking, we only had streaks. We only talked like sometimes in the week, and the topics of the conversation was not that funny hahaha. Also I thought,that I will never have a chance with her, so I was alright with the friendship. She was in the last year of High School and this was like in the last months of the year so, she was very busy.

When she finished, we started to talk again, so I was like:

In this point, we always talked about go out like to talk, but listen NEVER TO DATE. I was in that moment pretty sure that I didn’t like her, so I never talked with her about things that you talk when you like someone hahaha. Our conversation always was about like, music, netflix, food and that’s it.

It was January, and I was like in the bed like, why don't asking her to go out this friday? That type of thoughts come when you have a crush, and it is 1 am. So I said like I don’t lose anything by asking her. At 1 am I send the message, I was like very nervous of getting rejected. But in the other side I felt like:

She answered me the next day.

She answered: Yes, why not, where do yo want to go?

And my answer to don’t seem that excited was like: Oh cool, idk, you tell me.

But inside me it was like if a party was running in my body:

The days passed and it was like Wednesday of the week and, she told me that if we can go to a mall near her house.

So I was like sure, why not?

In that same day the reality of the situation gets into my head. I started thinking what was going to be my outfit that day, what I was going to talk with her?(I’m very shy person), and how I was not going to fuck the plan.

Then she told me that if I want it to go to see La La Land, in that moment I was not like a very fan of that type of movies.

But you know what you need to do when you like someone.

In this moment I really thought that this was going to be like a chill plan, but a reminder for you, if you go alone with a girl or a boy to the movies, it is not a good idea, well maybe for me that one day it was not hahaha. So maybe now you now where is this story going.