Funny Love Story: kiss included(p2)

So are you ready for the second part of the story? I hope you are because here it goes. Be readyyyyyy.

It was THE DAY.

If you know me, you should know that in most of the time I’m a pretty chill person. But that DAY it was the day that I was going to get out with a crush. When I woke up, I felt like I was the most fortunate guy that day. It was vacations and I was going out with her!!!!

For that day I really thought about like 1000 combinations for the outfit. I had only like 5 hours for the MOMENT of my life and I didn’t know what I was going to put on that day.

4 hours before:

I started to shower, I really was going to need a lot of motivation, so I put the music on the speaker like max volume, and as you can imagine I was singing and dancing. (This really don’t help me a lot in the situation haha)

Then of showering, it was the time of choosing my final outfit. For my final decision I really changed my mind like a 1000 times, I asked my mother and my sister because, I really need it to look fresh, if you know what I mean haha jkjk.

Now that I’ve grown up a little, I really dressed like shit hahaha, sns. But going back at that time I really thought that I was slaying.


My couldn't go to leave me, so I went in uber. For real that was like the longest uber ride I’ve ever took, not really. But the moment was getting closer, that gets us to a conclusion that I was very nervous :( . My hands was getting sweat and I was only thinking, what I am going to talk to her?

About potatoes?


That my life is a joke?

Thanks God, I got there early.

I went to the bathroom like to talk with myself that this was like, the most important day of my life. I was there standing in front of the mirror planning my strategy for all the evening.

She told me that she was already waiting for me.

I went out and say like: THIS IS IT!!

And I went saying hi to her, my first impression of her was that she was very sweet, and also that was shy, and when I mean shy, it is veryyyy shy.

We went first to Starbucks and it didn't went that bad it was funny, and I was very happy.

Then we went to see the movie, you maybe imagine that this is the climax but, you’re wrong.

The movie was good, when it finished I really thought that the “date was finished.

For the doubts in the curse of the movie there was no hugs, or hold hands, nothing of that. K?

We went out for, and she said to me, that she need it to go to the bathroom.

But you and me know that 99% of times that shit it is a lie!!! And that they’re going to talk with the girls.

When she got out, she told me, let’s go to talk outside.

This was 2 years ago my mind was already of a children, okay?

So I was like yasss why not?

Then we started talking bullshitt you know, but like two minutes after, she asks me if I want it to kiss her.

My instant reaction was getting red as a tomato, you know that I’m light dark skin color, but in that moment I was really red.

But in the other side I was like:

Okay so, for not boring you I kissed her, I really liked it, also it was because it was my crush you know.

Fun Fact: I really thought that we was going out like to date, but then she told that was only like, one night kiss.

Thanks For Reading. Loveee uuuuu