How losing myself, getting cold, detached and distanced taught me about who I really am.

So, I’ve spent my last few years in a constant movement of distancing myself from things, people, routines, home, and a whole life that wasn’t working for me anymore. Maybe I did that because I knew I would move away from it all at a certain point. I knew it deep inside of me.

The thing is, all that detachment didn’t necessarily make things easier. I have no idea how many loves I didn’t love. …

taken while walking through Berlin

Every time I arrive at a new place I just walk around. I like to feel that place. I like to see how the houses stand next to each other. How people interact amongst themselves.

Visiting the touristic spots is never my main goal. Not when traveling, and definitely not when I move to a new city.

It’s been three months since I arrived in Berlin. Not too long, but enough to have a feel for the multi-kulti metropole. And it is definitely an inspiring one. Almost every corner is cinematic. From the nice buildings in Mitte to graffiti taken…

Gabriel Rufatto

brazilian-german creator living in Berlin /

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