Every time I read these stories about how much the writer gets harassed for being sexy I cant help…
Gabriel Squallus

Being sexy helps with many things beyond love! Good looking people make more money and more friends. But it does go to waste if no one is around to see your beauty… a mirror is probably better than nothing, though.

And you can easily find many men to love you, but they are probably below your standards. You should try and take advantage of it somehow while it lasts. Maybe you are too good of a person to take advantage of something like that…

I recognize that its so much easier being hit on as a woman that it takes away the pleasure, while as a man you have its so much harder that it makes it really cool the few times it happens (I think I remember every single instance when I had the privilege of being catcalled by girls in my life). But even if it always happens to you it is still a good sign and it is useful. If everyone calls you inteligent it gets really annoying but its still a good sign, specially if it doesnt get you the money and fame you wanted.

Not sure what else to write, I was not expecting this kind of response… Im used to angry answers, I was not prepared for sincerity

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