Gabriel Squallus
Jul 6, 2016 · 2 min read

Every time I read these stories about how much the writer gets harassed for being sexy I cant help thinking there is a huge degree of bragging going on, as if most of the critique was just an excuse to tell the world how attractive you are.

Maybe its really true if you walk a lot around poor areas but in my whole life walking around the streets of big cities in South America, North America and Europe, I think I have literally never seen a women being catcalled in my life.

I can use that famous viral video as an example, where a hot white woman, with provocative clothes (not too provocative, enough to provoke but with plausible deniability in the west) walks around a black neighbourhood. If that same woman walked around in a very rich area nobody would even look at her. She is clearly not from around and a lot sexier than what anyone there is used to seeing. If an ugly woman dressed in unsexy clothes walked around she would not be harassed.

Being harassed in that context proves that she is “hot enough” and proves that area is very uncivilized, but it doesn’t really prove much more than that (like “rape culture” or that thats how rich white men usually behave).

It seems like there is a considerable degree of wishful thinking that goes into this idea that all women are so hot that men go crazy around them and just HAVE to catcall them. That’s just not how it goes, that only happens when “superior” women walk around in inferior areas — which makes being catcalled a statement of status. Of course they don’t have to be naked or dressed like strippers, but we all know if they covered up completely like muslim women they would not be catcalled (so saying clothes have nothing to do with it isn’t true.

The fact is that normal western clothes are sexy enough to provoke the attraction of males, and uncivilized males don’t see a reason to control themselves showing that.

You also did not consider female hipergamy and that plays a huge role on this game: only a small % of males are attractive while a bigger % of women are attractive (some say 80% vs 20%, seems reasonable to me)

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