Nonsense…France Is About The Size of California, Making Its Subdivisions Roughly the Size of San…
Daniel Reagan Diggins

I appreciate your point that they are not perfect parallels. France is actually quite a bigger and more populous than California; it’s regions each tend to have several million people — more in line with US States than CA Counties.

However the thrust of the piece was not that France and the US are the same, my point was that they were similar enough that looking at the Presidential election process of each country helps to underline how preposterous the US system is.

If the roles were reversed, and France had a system that gave the people of Brittany a disproportionate say over the choice of President, we would immediately point out how ridiculous said system was.

The piece was ultimately about the Electoral College, not France. And while many people say it’s futile to keep bringing it up since we can’t change it, I disagree. It needs to be painted as an archaic laughingstock when compared to other globally significant elections in the hopes that it begins embarrassing enough Americans to make a difference.

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