Changing Technology, Changing People

Being born in the mid 90’s, growing up I never really considered myself as much of a social kid. I felt like as if I couldn’t interact well with other’s my age and I would always opt to play alone and never really enjoyed the idea of playing ‘outside’ like any other child. Early memories stem back all the way to me locked away in my room after school playing video games on my old Sony Playstation 2 all afternoon. This is due to the fact that most games were developed to be single player and online gaming was not a real option due to it being overly priced and having poor network connectivity. But at the time, that was the was I liked it and wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Later into the 2000’s, computer processing technology exploded and advances in the gaming industry took off. With the new introduction of my new X-box 360 console, not only did games develop greater quality gameplay but it also provided a better online gaming experience due to improvements in internet network connections. This change allowed for me to become more connected with friends and others peers from high school. In their study of the online gaming community, the American institute ‘Entertainment Software Association’ took note of how 54% of frequent gamers felt their hobbies help them connect with friends.

Countless hours I spent online playing games like Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Fifa with friends. We would even go as far as to start our own little gaming clans and host parties at one another’s houses just to verse each other.

Now in the modern day, through constant innovation and advances in gaming technology, gaming consoles aren’t just used for their primary purpose of gaming, but also as a medium for its users to remain connected with all others in the gaming community. I recently upgraded to the Playstation 4 and it for example allows for people to link their gaming profile to their social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter. Doing so allows me to share with all of my close friends which games I am playing and any personal achievements i have may have attained.

These additions to the gaming experience would serve as great options for initiating conversations and sharing thoughts on our mutual interest in the gaming community. Resulting in the formation of several long lasting social relationships with other gamers. So when looking at the progression of video games throughout my life, I can come to the clear conclusion that I also progressed with it. Changing my personality from a quiet timid little boy, to a man who is not afraid to speak his mind and share who he is with the online world. Guess you could say gaming helped bring me out of my shell.