Unexpected discoveries from an individual contributor


  • Meetings are a different form of productivity
  • 1 on 1’s are a hidden gem of meetings
  • Leadership has lots of work behind the scenes

Your greatness

Leading a team summons greatness out of you, greatness you might not know is there. It’s harder than you expect, and also more rewarding.

In the process, you’ll discover surprising things about yourself and others.

I know. Because that’s what happened to me.

Interim tech lead

I was invited to act as temporary tech liaison for my team while we looked to fill an open Director of Engineering position.

How to create flexible, reusable styles using CSS subclasses


  • CSS subclasses allow you to reuse modules in any location without breaking styles
  • Skip down to the CSS subclass tutorial

A quick recap

In my previous post, I talked about how to style multiple sites that look different using only one CSS collection.

At Business Insider and INSIDER we use a single CSS collection to define the styles for both sites.

Geeking-out about CSS

Let’s talk about how to recognize patterns in your CSS, and how to create reusable, flexible styles by using CSS subclasses.

If you’ve ever written CSS, you’re familiar with the overwhelming instinct to…

How one CSS collection can define the styles for multiple sites that look different


Here’s the problem.

In the beginning of 2018 we planned to launch a new presentation layer service for story pages on Business Insider and INSIDER. The project was called, “birta” (from Viking Old Norse meaning, “to display or unveil”).

Business Insider and INSIDER story pages have similar layouts. However, the CSS is mostly different.

Lots of questions came up during our planning. One of them…

Gabrien Symons

Senior Engineer and Designer at Insider Inc.

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