People of Nevada?

I hope to profile random humanitarian based stories from randomly selected students around the University of Nevada, Reno campus. I am going to try to parallel the style of writing in Humans of New York, but base it closer to home, focusing on students and staff.

In Humans of New York, HONY, the purpose is to familiarize the readers with all types of people that make up the diverse population of New York City.

This is more of a deep story, I assume and hope people will share something so deep with me when I ask them. I hope people don’t brush off my proposal for sharing a story like it is nothing, or think I am being nosey.

I will most likely get stories, such as this, that are not exactly deep or meaningful to all readers.

Coaching a soccer team of young children may not appeal or even be interesting to all, but it shows that their is more to people than their tragic histories, and for whatever reason there is something driving them to talk about that topic. Less personal stories will probably be common on campus as some people will be private and not thrilled about talking.

I am going to the document each story by adding a photo of the people I talk with as well, to put a face to the story. With more sensitive stories, I will ask if they would like their face in the photograph, or would rather me shoot something ambiguous to keep confidentiality. Confidentiality can be important for various reasons. Some people are not proud of the story they are sharing, or are sharing a secret, such as this smoker. I hope people around campus will share such personal stories or secrets with me that they don’t their picture taken.

I also hope to find people proud of their struggles, and willing to show their faces, proving they are not scared of the battles they have overcome.

I am very excited for this project and looking forward to getting to know the variety of people on campus.

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