Ethics can’t be a side hustle
Mike Monteiro

Very nice text, it’s very refreshing to read something like this, but we, especially as designers, are only a small piece in the capitalist system. But still, I do think it’s important to step up and defend your point of view, and I also agree that it might (and it does) have an impact on the rest of the people that work close to you. With that in mind, as much as I’m a fan of the activism in name of more humane and ethical resolves in web design (or design in general), I don’t think it’s that simple, I try to do my best to defend my position and, if I can’t (or others stop me from doing that), I make sure they know it’s wrong and that I don’t agree with what they’re opting for. It’s not the optimal case, but it’s what I can do to at least acknowledge (and make it clear to others) that it’s not right. Specially being Brazillian, where the ethics and honesty are still a bit third-wordly.

The struggle is daily.

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