Club Music: brighter days

Here is a new episode of the “Club Music” series. This is all about the hot stuff coming out of the NYC house music labels when I was a kid. Imagine those music video clips from the nineties: dancers in XXL clothes moving to some kind of hip hop beat combined with the frantic house tempo. Well, this is a classic TV memory for a lot people in my generation. What an energy. I loved this kind of music and I wanted to be part of it already as a kid.

A nine year-old Gabsson Perry felt strongly compelled to dance energetically to that beat. No wonder that the records that you are bound to listen in the mix below very quickly became a part of my growing vinyl collection. I always loved to mix those beats that fill my body and soul with an ecstatic energy. Nowadays, I’m still impressed how positive the message was back then. The NYC house music has this unique blend of strong Gospel influence, utterly stimulating keys and accelerated hip hop syncopated beats.

What also amazes me is the power of this sound already in the early nineties. Modern electronic club music incorporated the loudness, the roundness of the bass, the impact of the kick and the drive of the snares and hi hat as main influences stemming from the NYC house productions. These ingredients are definitely part of the magic orchestration of moving feet and bouncing hips on many dance floors across world.

Ain’t nothing stopping us now!

Enjoy the mix after the break.


#1 Feel like singin´ (Def Classic Mix)-Sandy B

#2 Wet dreams (original mix)-The jerk nuts

#3 Good Feelin´ (TNT Bonus Beats)-Swing Kids I you

#4 You Are My Friend (just a funky beat)-Kenny & Friends

#5 Need, want, got 2 Have-Jovonn

#6 Blues for you (Hard Dub)-Logic

#7 Deep inside-Hard Drive

# Groovadelic-Dj Sneak

#9 Do you want me (Dubastramental)-Martell

#10 Baby Love-Cassio

#11.Brighter Days (underground trance mix)-Cajmere featuring Dajae

Listen to 003 // Early New York House Mix

(music, photos and text by Gabsson & some fresh words by Luiza)

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