Club Music: inside my mind

Going forward, the next mix of the Club Music series, could only be dedicated to the Chicago House Sound. Sonically speaking, however, it’s quite a disruption in relation to the Disco Era productions. Nevertheless, there is an undeniable and strong link between these two genres. In essence, the two contributed to what can be called modern club music.

The Chicago House Sound of the 80’s probably represents the main influence for me — both as a DJ and as a producer. I grew up listening to dance music from the early 90’s and, soon enough, found out that this music actually emerged directly from the original sound of Chicago. That way I started to dig deeper in the crates and was lucky to find some classic Chicago records, which are (still) incredibly underground while having basically changed the face of worldwide dance music in just a couple of years. To keep it short: we are talking about legendary music.

I must confess that, at first, I was a bit disappointed with the rough and harsh sounds coming out of those records. Most of them were produced thanks to very minimal equipment. The main ingredient was actually fantasy, and I only got it when I started to familiarize myself with this kind of production.

To me this music sounds rather introspective. In addition to the obvious “let’s party and dance” dimension, it also takes us to a journey through phantasmagoric projections, faith, beliefs and identity. 30 years afterwards it remains a futuristic kind of music bringing us some hard beats from outer space.

What is more, the Chicago House Sound was embedded in a larger project, which I perceive as the pursuit to free oneself from socially attributed self-identities and fully embracing every kind of people gathering peacefully to dance together. Nowadays, this is still a very powerful statement that I most definitely wanted to underline in this mix.

Welcome to the «House Nation ».

Enjoy the mix after the break!


#1 Dirty Talk-Klein & Mbo

#2 J´adore danser (club mix)-Mark Imperial

#3 Amour Puerto Riqueno (puerto rican lover) (spanish club mix)-Raz

#4 Everybody do it! (hollywood mix)-The House Rockers

#5 Inside my mind-Joe Smooth

#6 Mystery of love (club mix)-Fingers Inc.

#7 It´s you (vocal)-E.S.P

#8 Ma foom bey (love chant version)-Cultural Vibe

#9 Your only friend-Phuture

#10 7 Ways (vocal)-Hercules

#11 Time to Jack-Chip E.

#12 Red lightbulb-Leron Carson

Listen to 002 // Chicago House Mix

(music and text by Gabsson, some fresh words and cover photos revamped by Luiza)

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