The Mentally Ill Should Be Allowed to End Their Lives
Kelly Burch

Thinking about the not consideration to elder people, to adults that in one or other way are the roots, the origins, everyone had or has one Mother & one Father, & Mother & Father have the sons & daughters recogniton, But further than that. If Mother & Father were with some kind of alzheimer, parkinson or other disease, The adults in those circumstances become people without protection.

I think that if the Foundations could give a little importance to this eventualities, it could be magnific to create specific places in where the adults could make actiities, smed to the day care, with special circumsances. It is hard to observe that some people wants to see adults like if adults were out of order or nobody could make something for them.

Every moment that you talk to one adult, the implicit experience, the knowledge about life, the way to perceive life, the reasons to not be interested in this or that, because adults know much of the systems & the way to operate.

I know that children are important & children are the future fromthe places, if you intruct ne Children with love to everyone even the adult people, those Children will be better uman beings.

Everyone has one life to be respected, & the dignity to continue living in the best life quality possible, adults worked all their lives & deserve to have one better ife expectative, even if knowing the time would not be perpetuous.

In life the choices to make are varieted, more people could be interested in adults & visit them & mae for them

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