Disappointment is a very strong feeling that most humans go through during their life time. When people are young they have great dreams and aspirations, mostly in conjunction with the idea of becoming extremely wealthy. After some years into adulthood, they realize that being a millionaire is not as easy as they imagined, they end up with a typical office job, living the typical life that is sold on TV.

This is the way the system works, it takes the energy and imagination away from people, first by giving them a collective almost unrealizable dream and then by making them settle for what is known as “normal”. It is a system build for disappointment, crashing hopes and dreams is a big part of how the system on earth works.

If people got what they really want in their hearts (which is not to be a millionaire), there would be no way of controlling them, no consumerism, no ways to create the reality that the few powerful ones dreamed of, no slavery. Earth would be a totally different place, where differences are not only respected but applauded and the good of the many would be the main concern, not the one of the few.

This reality is not only a dream, but the way things should and will work in the future. There are two ways to get there, through chaos or peacefully. How this will happens will depend on each individual, since we all create our own reality. In order to get there peacefully, which is the goal, people need to learn to deal with disappointment. They need to move forward from the heart, follow their instincts and create their new reality, not based on fear, but hope.

Disappointment is in close relationship to fear, fear of letting others and yourself down. If you follow the scheme of the world, this will most likely happen. If you create your own reality, dreams and goals this will not happen to you. Remember, is not about going fast, it’s about moving forward.