All the Reconstructed Left can offer is bitching, complaining, righteous indignation, smugness…
Robert Harvey

Robert and Sue, I completely agree. I am a liberal/Democrat, but more moderate, I suppose. I’ve listened to too many podcasts interviewing Bernie supporters or far left voters and their rhetoric is either “my way or my way”, to them anyone who is not uber progressive is in bed with Wallstreet or just plain evil. Their world is black and white, a world in which they are so high on their high horse, that they’ve lost touch with reality. They want their representatives to oppose Trump simply because he wakes up in the morning or they threaten to primary them, yes that is how we are gonna get things done guys! They threaten to primary reps because they are not moving to impeach Trump. I hate the guy as much as the next person and would love to see him go, but he has not done anything impeachable. That would be such a waste of time.

I agree with Sue, progressive ideas and policies while some of them great (universal health care,I’m not okay with open borders), are not feasible right now. We can get there little by little but not now. However, in the meantime we can take small steps to achieve this in the future, it shouldn’t be universal healthcare now or we primary you! That’s how we get another 4 years of Trump, thanks to these voters.

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