The future of 3D is goopy. (

Back in 2013, when I sat down to learn 3D, I felt pretty stupid.

I opened the 3D software and was greeted with confusing and technical tools: meshes, breps, vertices, polygons, booleans, fillets, lofts, subdivisions, and retopology… to name a few. It was confusing and overwhelming.

Although painful to learn, 3D was fun, and it was powerful.

But I couldn’t help thinking there had to be a better way. If I struggled with this learning curve, others did as well.

From this experience, I became obsessed with 1 question: How can 3D be made so accessible, so anyone could easily create, edit or share 3D?

Fast forward nine years later, thanks to the help of my brilliant team, we built an amazing solution. World: meet Womp.

So what is Womp, and how does it address the issues faced by beginner 3D artists?


In a nutshell, Womp is a flexible, easy-to-use 3D creation engine that runs directly on your computer browser. That’s right: no need for a fancy computer with an expensive graphics card: just you and whatever computer you have at hand.

Do you want to work on your desktop computer and continue on the same project using a laptop? No problem. Your Womp projects will save automatically in the cloud on your browser so you can work on any device anywhere. Gone are the days when you’ve lost hours of your progress from the program crashing or a power outage.

Fun & User Friendly

Womp doesn’t use complex geometry. Instead, it uses goopy liquid shapes that you can play around with to have fun from the start without the steep learning curve.

People want to avoid dealing with technical features and an arsenal of complicated tools. Womp keeps things simple so creators can jump in and start creating immediately!

Community Oriented

With Womp, you can learn 3D with others. It’s incredibly community-oriented, meaning you can easily share your creations within the Womp community and follow and like each other’s work. If you have a specific question, you can join the Discord group and meet fellow creators that can help you along the way.

Sharing your work isn’t limited to the Womp community. You can easily export your work to specific sizes that are perfect for sharing on your favorite social media platform.

Final Thoughts

Womp is not on a mission to replace Blender. Instead, we want to create a whole new generation of 3D creators and provide a new definition of what 3D creating can be and who can 3D.

Whether you’re a designer, artist, or just looking for a new way to express yourself, Womp is the perfect tool for creating unique 3D content. So why wait? Try Womp today and start creating liquid 3D content! We can’t wait to see what you end up making with Womp.



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