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Coding is only one part of building a successful startup.

I spent too long calling myself a non-technical founder. About three years. Yet every single day of those years, I was pushing myself to build a software startup into the industry shaper it is today.

My startup, Flaunter, was launched three years ago as an online platform that connects journalists to marketing and PR professionals for faster discovery and exchange of high-quality imagery. We’ve recently evolved into a saas-enabled marketplace and re-built the whole platform to scale across more verticals and globally (tech debt is not your friend).

And yet, I would often describe myself as non-technical, or a non-skill…

Since launching Flaunter one of the questions we get asked most often is “How are you different from a PR agency?”. This is closely followed by a more [loaded] question like “Do you make PR agencies redundant?”.

These are really valid questions in the age of ‘disruption’.

And while we do exist because there is a need to change the status quo on PR processes, we’re not here to make PR agencies redundant.

In fact, PR agencies are one of our core customer groups. For agencies, we’ve become the platform that makes it easier to deliver better results for their clients.

For Nikki Andrews, Founder and Director of NAC Media Group: “Having efficient systems in place is vital to achieving maximum impact and enjoying continued success. Flaunter provides a one-stop-shop. You can manage samples, distribute brand imagery…

I’ve spent a lot of time hiring recently. From working by myself two years ago to now having a team of six full time and then another 6 contract roles — things have changed.

Growing a team has been one of the most rewarding, and challenging, aspects of my life as a newbie CEO. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have hired some awesome, passionate and dedicated legends. We’re a team who cheers each other on, every step of the way.

But a hiring misstep earlier this year turned out to be an incredible learning experience. …

I have never liked the word. Like I don’t love mummy blogger, SHE-E-O, Girl Boss etc.… Personally, I don’t find these terms empowering. I know many brilliant women who do and that’s great for them — we are all different!

The way I see it, we don’t have dadpreneurs, Man Boss’s, HE-E-O’s. Of course I 1000% believe we need to see more females entrepreneurs, CEO’s and boss’s. But why should women define themselves by gender?

I’ve entertained the idea of writing this post for a little while now, but inevitably come to the same conclusion less than two seconds later…

I started this blog post by asking myself the q — why am I writing this — will anyone care? The next sentence I wrote was: “The goal of this blog post is to make founders ‘like me’ feel like they can do it too.”

So in some ways it felt important, because I know lots of founders ‘like me’. So here it is, a very personal post on why I took part in an accelerator program, and why I’d recommend the experience to anyone else ‘like me’.

Side note — if you’re interested, here’s a more definitive article posted…

It’s not enough to create amazing pictures anymore … You now have to set them free.

It’s like wearing a sack dress to a school reunion after 6 months of slavish devotion to Kayla Itsines. Like Kimmy K in a sheer feathered mini dress and shaved head, with no iPhone to capture the moment. Like the plastic wrap your grandmother kept over her prized settee.

What’s the point of having something amazing if it can’t be found or shared?

I’ve spent most of my career writing stories about other people’s brands but crazily enough when it came time to writing about my own business — I never felt ready!

I thought it was finally time to share the story of WHY we exist.

To start — what even is Flaunter?!

Flaunter gives media instant access to brands & their content for easy distribution and publishing.

Our mission is to make it easier for brands to reach new audiences by connecting their content with the best storytellers around the world.

Flaunter content discovery pages

So, why Flaunter? What’s the problem we’re trying to solve?

Gaby Howard

I'm the Founder and CEO of Flaunter. Hi :)

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