Yoga challenge - Day 1 to 5

Day 1: Started on a tuesday (may 31th). Good practice, concentrating requires extra effort. My practice it´s a bit rusty.

Day 2: Better than yesterday. Energy flowed perfectly. Meditated a little longer.

I try to do yoga when I wake up, I think it´s the best time to do it because you´re rested, haven´t eated for hours and your mind is quiet.

Day 3: Did my pactice in the afternoon at my patio as I usually do. I have to reinforce my concentration given that mi dog (a pinscher called Rosita Consuelo) loves to kiss me when I´m doing yoga but this time she was a total pro. When I was laying down in savasana position (corpse posture) I felt her paw en my throat and then some light weight on my chest. She was comfortably located and sleeping over my chest.

The guilty one. Meet Rosita Consuelo.

Day 4: Back to early morning. GREAT practice.

It´s been more than 1 week since I´m not drinking alcohol. Weekend is here so let´s see how it goes. I´m confindent about this!

Day 5: I had a course from 9 am to 3 pm (it is a course called woman´s circle) so I did not do my practice in the morning. Then I had to rush back to my cafe because of several events going on today. Could not do yoga :( . Missed one day. On the other hand, I went to a rock show and when everybody was having beer, I HAD WATER!!! YAAAYYYYYY!!!! passed the weekend test.

So this is it for now…. See you in 5 days!!!

Sat nam.


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