Yoga challenge: Day 11–20.

Day 11: Cold weather decided to stay for a while. Did my practice in my room again and at night. Not the best thing for me but I did it. Could not focus the way I needed because I had some things to do after so I was constantly looking at my wacth. I couldn´t be IN the moment, my mind was in the future.

Day 12: Saturday. Didn´t do yoga.

Day 13: Sunday. Didn´t do yoga again. Thought about lying here but I would be lying to myself too. Will continue the challenge tomorrow as if nothing has happened. The good side is that I haven´t tasted alcohol at all :).

Day 14: No yoga for me today.

Day 15: Today I finally continued with my practice. It´s a struggle. Did it in the morning under my avocado tree in my pijama. Nice.

Day 16: Yoga in the afternoon. Good practice. Woke up late so I couldn´t do it early morning.

Day 17: Yoga in the afternoon too. Couldn´t focus too much because I was thinking about the things I had to do. Today I failed with the alcohol thing. I attended a restaurant opening and could not ressist free (and good) champagne.

Day 18: mmmmm decided to hit the gym instead of doing yoga. Did not have the time to do both so I picked the gym because I had alcohol and a huge dessert, felt guilty as hell.

Day 19: Saturday. Did yoga! Yaaaayyyy! Nice and relaxed practice. Had a birthday party at my bar. Had some wine. DAMN IT!!!!!!

Day 20: Sunday. No yoga and yes alcohol. It was my brother´s death anniversary. It´s not an excuse I know.

I decided to post every 10 days instead of 5. Don´t know what i´m going to do about this, but I will continue. I guess it will be the 50 days challenge or something like that.

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