I’m learning to illustrate.

While reading this I stumbled upon his own experience with a phrase I’ve heard way too many times in my life: “You’re too sensitive”.

I’ve heard it both as a compliment and as finger-pointing at one of my biggest flaws, more often the latter. I think the earliest mention of it was in my aunt’s kitchen, when someone mentioned one of my pre-school friends could sometimes be mean. Her response was to pick me up and tell me I needed to grow a thicker skin and “punch back”, both figuratively and literally.

My mom used to…

Venezuela’s collapse is taking a toll on the region, especially in its neighboring Colombia. It has, by far, absorbed most of the displacement the government-induced economic crisis created and its common border is lawless, dangerous and a very real threat to the peace process started by Juan Manuel Santos a few years ago.

So it’s absolutely understandable that Colombia’s current president, Iván Duque, has its reservations towards Nicolás Maduro. …

Gabriela Benazar Acosta

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