Embracing Change

Things happen at the right time. People show up at the right moment. Connecting the dots of the past 63 days.

While listening to She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5 (and singing out loud), I reflect on the first 9 weeks of my life in São Paulo.

Many things have happened and, as Heraclitus says, the only thing that is constant is change. Words that describe perfectly my life at the moment.

It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions, with doubts and discovery, self awareness, surprises, eye opening reflections and shared moments with wonderful people. August was a month of adaptation. Adapting to the city, the barulho, the buildings, the coxinhas, the buses, the Amani course and the learnings.

September started in the best possible way with Jaime by my side, adventures on our path, delicious food, walks, talks and parks. Do you know what it’s like to be vulnerable and be with someone whom you are not afraid to share anything? With Jaime, there’s only joy. He’s fun, loving and caring. His optimism will remain even in the hardest situation. He’s humble and generous. And he’s my constant reminder that love is all we need.

September also started with Amani pushing our limits. After adapting to this new environment, I was experiencing to be out of my comfort zone and did it with a strong group of diverse people. These people have a huge space in my heart. We support each other and remind ourselves that vulnerability is ok, emotions are ok, laughing, dancing, partying, screaming is ok, but most importantly, being true to yourself is ok.

E aí, once September ended, October arrived. After our usual Inner Journey class on Thursday, I went to my habibati (Ren and Amani)’s house. Spent hours talking to them, as usual. The only way of connecting to people is by being open and sharing what you think. At 5 am, I realized it was time to go to bed after an engaging conversation with Ren. Ren is this amazing girl from the Philippines. She’s full of energy and crazy ideas. She’s such an inspiration! She will motivate you, she will share different points of view, she burns for education and she’s the best example of a true warrior. I’m so proud of her and listening to her stories make my day!

Habibti Amani, is my close friend from Jordan. She is also a warrior, a peace warrior. She aims to build peace all over! How cool is that? Everything she says will enlighten you in a way. And she has this special power of reading people. I admire her. And someday, I’d love to be as strong as Amani is. Both of my habibati have an open heart.

October 7 is here. Woke up with the sun. Had cookies and coffee with habibati and run home to pack. The weekend trip had arrived! Nature came back to my life. Although São Paulo is a living city, concrete jungle full of culture, art and diversity, I need nature. This time, the sea was calling me — as it has called me many times in my life. This was the opportunity to go to paradise and escape from the city. At least, that was what I thought. It was much more than that.

This journey started with Nanda, a strong Brazilian fighter, inviting us to Paraty and Saco do Mamanguá. She fights against the idea of not feeling as a whole in the workplace. She is a warm person. Soft voice, willing to share all of her experiences seeking for what she calls wholeness. As Amalia and me, she cares for people. She is a meditation guru and a conversation with her will open all of your senses. You will learn to listen to the wind, to feel it and, maybe, even to see it pass by.

In the trip, we also have Seb. He’s a Canadian boy that has no problem to talk about any subject. Seb is passionate for the world, nature and wants to go on a wonderful expedition. From the beginning, it has been so easy to get along with him. He makes you feel comfortable so I would also call him a people person. He’s always smiling and you can listen to his laugh miles away. He’s a chiquito with a big heart.

Last, but not least, Amalia join the adventure! I feel as she would be by lost sister. Everything is natural when you are around her. She is a great hugger, and has a big smile. She’s bubbly, with lots of energy. She sings and dances as if no one is watching. She gives me faith in humanity. We need more people like my dear Amalinha. You’d think the same if you’d meet her. She’s my companion in my Social Innovation project along with Ina. We are trying to change the world bringing self discovery techniques and experiential journeys to individuals and families. She inspires me everyday and reminds me why is it so important that we care about our well being. She also burns for nature and I’m sure she will create something espectacular. I believe in her and she believes in me.

When you join these people together, you get a great traveling team! We slept in a tree house, conquered a mountain, changed perspective, dive into the sea and soaked up the sun. After visiting Paraty and Saco do Mamanguá, the energy has come back to me!

Here, some pictures of the experience (I thought I was going to talk about it, but I chose to talk about people instead)

Looking at the Pão de Açucar
The views from the Pão de Açucar
Sunset with Venus
My chiquitos
Heart Meditation guided by Nanda
The Joy of Life

Weekend learnings:

  • Accept change and live with it. Make change your dear friend.
  • Be gentle to yourself and to the people around you.
  • The way you interact with the world, reflects how you do it with others and with yourself.
  • It all comes back to you. You need to understand it and accept it in order to move on.
  • Happiness is only real when shared — Christopher McCandless’ lesson.
  • Stick to the people that connect with the real you. They see you, you see them.
  • Be grateful for the friends that seek out your happiness and growth, without expecting anything in return. This is true friendship.
  • Selfishless — even if this isn’t even a word — people are inspiring.
  • Listen to nature. When it calls, follow it!
  • Change your «if» to «when»
  • Change your «have» to «want»
  • Appreciate your sources of joy: people, places and activities that are a reminder that life is an adventure.
  • Eat, Pray, Love.

After 9 weeks of emotions, I welcome the upcoming 8 weeks in Brazil to my life. Change is the only permanent thing in my life and I embrace it. I embrace the love around me, the diversity, the laughs, the tears, the vulnerability, the nature, the lessons, the hearts and the journey.

Live by loving and love by living,


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