Civic design at scale: Why I joined the U.S. Digital Service
The U.S. Digital Service

Dana, I don’t know if you can help improve the following while working with the USCIS: my boyfriend is in the process of being naturalized and was not able to go to his first interview, because he is an opera singer and was away doing a 3-month gig at that time, so he asked for the interview to be re-scheduled and the new interview (scheduled 2 1/2 months after!) is conflicting with another important constraint. Would it not be possible for USCIS to implement a self-service interview scheduling application, through which people could select a date for the interview based on their availabilities? It would prevent USCIS the hassle of having to re-schedule interviews, and applicants would not have to make important sacrifices to attend the interviews. Some state-level agencies, like DMV, provide such a service and it is very efficient and helpful.

Anyway, thanks for committing your time to making government services more user-friendly. You are making our lives better!

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