Stream of consciousness

Image by ekaterina.guseva from Reshot

There’s numbness
that kills;
it seeps
through the cracks
in your heart
it takes hold
it builds a house
it grows a family
it hosts BBQs
it starts a book club
it invites her friends —
sadness and despair—
and they give each other
mani-pedis and
massage their backs
and they decide to live together,
forever and ever in your soul,
and if you try…


A story

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

It was our very first date ever. He brought me flowers, so I was inclined to have a good opinion of him. Yeah, I bring home my own paychecks, but I enjoy when someone thinks of surprising me with charming details, mainly because I love doing the same.

We shared…

Including a mention of our favorite ferret

Credit: Netflix

*contains spoilers for Money Heist: Season 5, Volume 1*

Finally, after such a long wait, we got to find out what happened after our dear Sierra found The Professor's hiding spot. As if that wasn't enough, our favorite thieves were in trouble.

For better and for worse, season 5 has…

iPoetry-Paper Poetry Prompt

A poem

Image by the author

Now I know
not all ghosts
spell doom.

these see-through apparitions
make you
a warm cup of tea
and wipe away your tears
when your heartbroken body
refuses to move.

They’ll tell you funny stories
from the time
when they were alive;
they’ll share their regrets
to teach you something
and, perhaps,
help you find…

It has been enough, folks

Photo by ActionVance on Unsplash

On March 4th, 2022, we will be graced with yet another iteration of our favorite traumatized hero, non-other than Batman himself.

Whether you think the "real" Batman is the one from the 60s, or Tim Burton's, or the one from the 90s animated series, or Christopher Nolan's, or Lego Batman…you…

Don’t turn this into a tug-of-war

Photo by Wilson Vitorino from Pexels

When we were kids, one easy way to mess with someone was to pull on their hair. It can be very painful. And yet, now that we have grown up, it has become a very appealing sex move. Well, at least for some of us…

There’s something primal about having…

This is me, building a new home

Image by @resternormal from Reshot

I had been working all day long. Writing, checking my students’ work, answering emails, editings other people’s posts. It is fair to say I was a bit stressed up. So, I decided to pause for a moment. I needed to relax.

In that spirit, I sat back and closed my…

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