A poem

Towards the Forest II, 1915, by Edvard Munch via Wikimedia Commons

My love,
hold me tight,
don’t let me go.

I need you,
I need you,
I need you,
when will you come home?

You travel the world
and spread finality;
you are beloved, feared,
worshipped and misunderstood.

My love,
I want you to walk with me
before this cold morning
devours me whole…


Thrifty Word Challenge #72: The Final Straw

Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva from Pexels

He said he loved me. That he would change. That he would do anything to keep me by his side.

Then, while he thought I wasn’t listening, I heard him tell our son, “You won’t have a mom anymore. She wants to leave you.”

And that was the final straw.

GB Rogut

Jack of all trades, mistress of poetry. Bi.♾️ 🇲🇽. Careful…things get kinky around here sometimes. Get access to all of me

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