Blockchain — A Game Changer for Game Developers?
Sadie Williamson

Dear Mr. Sadie Williamson,
 This is greeting from Tom with GAChain technology, the world-first public blockchain which owns sovereign hierarchical management ecosystem, realizing decentralization and centralization management in transaction. 
 Our team will launch the exciting decentralized application in the near future and we sincerely invite you to share the great news and product with us. 
 As you are the well-known blockchain writer and influencer in Medium, it would be our pleasure to collaborate with you to work on PR of GAChain. To be specific, we would like to invite you to commend our product at the request of us, you will be fairly paid by the work in return. Please let us know your expected payment for the work. Of course, we can discuss more details about our cooperation if you have the intention.
 Here is the GAChain Official Website: Introduction Video:
 My email is Give me an email if you are interested in this opportunity.
 We are sincerely hoping to hear a positive response from you soon.
 Best Regards,

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