Test Driven Development .

So what’s Test Driven Development? you might ask, well its the process of writing all possible worst case test scenarios that your program shall encounter before writing your program.

By developing this way, you consider every possible route/points of failure for the solution you are about to develop. This process is called writing a failing unit test. This approach although gruesome and tasking allows you to escape the trap that many developers fall into(myself included), as i forces you to solve the problem part by part.

Photo Credits http://quintagroup.com/services/python/test-driven-development

After writing the failing tests, then the developer can write their solution ensuring its minimalist to make the tests cases pass, once all tests pass then comes the refactoring of the program, meaning the developer should ensure that his code is fully optimized, that is his logic should be effective and very efficient.

This process is cyclic as the developer will continues to adding more module scaling the scope of the program.

This is just the tip of the ice berg of the many lessons I am learning from this Andela Cohort X Boot Camp.