The Empire of Data

Jun 10 · 3 min read

In the future, data is power. It is the currency the world runs on. Where and how it is stored is EVERYTHING.

==++== The following fragment is a recollection of events surrounding the Great Data Wars and the attempted destruction of the Decentralized Storage Union (DSU) by the Imperial Centralized Data Consortium (Imperial Data or ID)==++==

+Fragment 1
Imperial Mark III fighter bombers emerged from the clouds just over the mountains and began their attack run on the DSU’s hydro complex in the river valley. As they began their attack run, anti aircraft fire and surface to air missiles met them. While some of the Mark III’s were destroyed, enough made it through the screen and the Imperial’s new ‘Shredder’ missiles hit the facility with destructive force. While containing an explosive warhead, it had also had a secondary warhead that released an electro magnetic pulse, ensuring maximum data loss.

DSU facility

+Fragment 2
Argus IV, a thermo capacitor solid state orbital platform, constructed by the Imperial Data Consortium but not yet tested, is unleashed upon the DSU’s cloud stream over the North Atlantic. Billions of GladiusBytes of data are vaporized in seconds. This act, one thought unthinkable years, even months earlier, is met with shock around the world, but Imperial Data Commissioner Warren Butterman says it was necessary to prevent data loss that could destabilize society.

Argus IV

+Fragment 3
Imperial Data officials are disturbed that while their military and special weapon strikes have crippled DSU infrastructure, the data loss seems to be minimal. An outraged ID leadership demands answers from their generals and intelligence communities. The biggest lead is from an ancient bit of code, a fragment really, that gives origin to the backbone of the DSU’s data network. At a high level security meeting, Imperial Data Intelligence Director Mike Biggles reveals it to the leadership. The fragment says ‘It’s Prime Time to mine SiaPrime’. Confusion reigns.

Fragment 4
While Imperial Data struggles with these new revelations, a small team sneaks into Imperial Storage Facility 34-D in Silicon Valley. While a random facility, just like countless other Imperial data nodes, this one seems to be, perhaps because of poor design, a lynch pin of the Imperial network. The team unplugs the PSU’s and destroys the battery backups on site. Within a few hours, 45% of the Imperial network in the western world is off line.

DSU operatives attack Imperial node 34-D

==++==No more fragments available. The data loss of the Centralized Powers triggered a mass corruption of their network which lead to the Age of Darkness in which data storage was at a all time low. The world only survived and now begins to rebuild thanks to the decentralized backbone that was put in place in the early ages of data by SiaPrime. Decentralized storage ushered in a future where data was safe and secure and not stored on just a few centralized servers. All hail SiaPrime. Protecter of data.==++==

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