GADA Ambassador Program

The need for an Ambassador Program

GADA aims to drive the expansion and adoption of the Cardano ecosystem by providing a secure and decentralized platform for projects seeking funding and incubation and for investors to filter the value-added projects as it’s community driven. But for that to happen, growing our community from the beginning is extremely important since the sustainability of the whole project will reside on the use of our launchpads — GADA Light and GADA Pro, both by investors and project owners.

GADA intends for the GADA Ambassador Program to be a flagship program that is designed to promote awareness and educate the whole crypto community in order to drive the adoption of GADA and its platforms.

GADA Ambassador Program

The GADA Ambassadors will drive adoption by going above and beyond their duties by offering timely, consistent and beneficial contributions to the project.

Ambassador Status
Why become an ambassador, you ask? Because there is much to gain through this experience, to grow a prominent crypto project and be part of a dynamic team and project. Furthermore, there are also rewards to gain and at large be part of spreading not only GADA’s values, but Cardano’s.

An Ambassador plays an important role representing GADA and the GADA community. The ambassador is meant to embody what GADA is about and open doors to the global GADA community.

Ambassadors are essential to creating more global awareness of GADA, enlighten more people on the purpose of GADA, explain what it is about, specify current and future developments and to get more users involved thus creating more value to the overall GADA ecosystem.

Ambassadors are viewed as key contributors to the purpose, thus being granted direct access to the teams that are building GADA. Furthermore, an Ambassador enjoys the following privileges:

1) Gain invaluable experience from working with multiple teams; experience when it comes to the crypto industry and subsequent access to decision makers;

2) Access to rewards depending on your contribution;

3) Full access to the Board of Directors;

4) Exclusive rights as previews to new projects, software, meetings and events, before a public release;

5) Greater involvement in decision-making processes by providing direct feedback to relevant Project decision-makers;

6) Distinguishable features like the chance of being moderators on the GADA’s telegram groups or even create groups for certain geographies.

Ambassador Rewards

Our Ambassador Program is our commitment to encourage, reward and recognize meaningful contributions by our community members.

Those who take part in the ambassador program will receive rewards for their commitment. The description of the rewards below will be presented in more detail after the acceptance at the program.

There are four main components of the GADA Ambassador Program Rewards Scheme:

I. Receive benefits on the launchpads’ allocations

II. Receive part of the launchpads’ revenues once they are live

III. Have access to new launchpads’ features early

IV. Receive a fee per project brought for the launchpads

These benefits are not guaranteed after the acceptance on the GADA Ambassador Program. Quarterly assessment meetings will be done for each Ambassador and the permanence on the Program is dependent of the performance and awareness brought to GADA.

Profile & Application

No specific background is required. Anyone who is really interested in GADA and its value proposal to the Cardano community is welcome to apply. An ideal GADA Ambassador is someone that can speaks English with a decent level of proficiency or a second language (a plus) and that is able to articulate a narrative and create content about GADA. It is expected for an Ambassador to be familiar with most of the social media used in the crypto world!

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