We recently launched a new internal application to enable help center agents to view and edit help center content across all of our communication channels. It’s a knowledge base application, and what makes it unique from a development perspective is that it leverages the Azure Cosmos DB implementation of the Gremlin Graph API. One of the business requirements that we have is to limit access to resources in the graph based on a user’s role. We found very few articles on how to implement such a feature using a graph database and thought it helpful to share our approach.

First let’s take a look at the application!

I wanted to share a simple and powerful example of why I think event sourcing is great. In doing so, I realized that we never described event sourcing on this blog or how we use it. I will describe the general concept of event sourcing, how we employ it at Jet, and close with my real-world example that led to my writing this article.

What is Event Sourcing?

It is a pattern for documenting the state of your system. As people or machines affect changes on the system, the events that occurred are individually logged to the event stream. Events are written in the…

A few weeks back Ted Benson published a great article on hacking the Amazon Dash button to track baby events. Like many other developers and tinkerers, I joyfully purchased an Amazon Dash button, two in-fact, so that I could also partake in the pleasure of subverting this cool WiFi button for my own random musings.

Scapy was not meant for Windows

I followed along with Ted, copying and pasting his example code into Sublime, and getting a copy of scapy so that it would work. When I ran it, it failed to run because it required a package named dnet. The dnet package is not easy…

Gad Berger

Husband, Dad, Classical Guitarist. Tech lead at Jet.com

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