On the Way: The Otto Wolf / Felicitas Garda Book

Felicitas’ Naturalization Papers
The Wolf’s : Felicitas (Garda) (1920- 2006) and Otto (1927–1945)

Now that Among the Many has been out for almost a few days now, I can finally begin my biggest research book yet: On the Wolf Family, Felicitas and Otto and Kurt Wolf. My main focus is on Felicitas and Otto. I know Otto died young and that’s what I’ll be writing on, but Felicitas survived and I hope to write more on Felicitas and her family. I hope my friend Alexandra has a way to get them to talk to me, as I’ve already tried to reach out to them and they have not been responsive. It’s been hard trying to do this on my own, but I hope to find out more information on her.

I have written the Czech Jewish Community and see what they know about Otto or Felicitas or both. It’s a shot, but I have to start somewhere. I’ll be taking my liberties online as I’ll have to buy memberships to Ancestry.com and other places such as that. I don’t know how many of their relatives are still alive, since a lot of them died during the Holocaust. Kurt’s school was the University of Brno and I don’t know if that still exists? There are so many Universities in Brno now, and I don’t know which one he went to? Well, better email them and see which one has files on their students from the 30’s.

Diary entry excerpt by Felicitas.

Felicitas’ story is just as important as her brothers, who both died during the Holocaust. Otto was shot (or just burned) and Kurt was shot in action.

But, trying to locate people to interview or ask questions is going to be the hardest part. I’m learning Czech as fast as I can so I can communicate with people and read their documents.

Behind the Words is a working title. But as for now, must gather information.



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