LG OLED TV — The TV with Futuristic Features

Televisions have come a long way since their introduction decades ago. The earliest of TVs used screens that gave them a convex shape. Convex shape resulted in poor picture quality. The audio and display systems too were not much to talk about. The latest televisions like the LG OLED TVs from LG are like miracles and kind of magic. You can expect the LG OLED TVs to have all the features you wished you had and more. LG is amongst the earliest of TV companies to introduce the curved screen TV.

What sets LG OLED TVs poles apart from other TV makers are: deeper blacks, infinite contrast, higher color ranges and of the most notable feature — curvature. The advantages of a curved screen are not difficult to see. Watching a curved TV can make you more involved. It gives a feeling that you are involved in the scene and you are a part of the event going on. It can be really exhilarating when the screen is matched with a comparable sound system.

Sense of Involvement in LG OLED TVs

Besides the feeling of involvement in a curved TV, there is the depth factor involved. This is not the case with a flat screen TV where the display may appear off tangent from what you see in the real world. Curved screens are almost like 3D screens in the sense they are able to give higher depth to the image which can make the screen to spring to life in endless ways.

Another advantage of a curved screen is the wider field view it give the watchers. This is not the case with flat screens as you may have noticed where the image where it may appear clipped along the edges. This effect can make give you a feeling of watching a bigger screen than the one you are actually glued to.

The Advantage of Curvature in LG OLED TVs

Contrast is central to picture quality and this is achieved more easily in the LG OLED TVs. This is because of the ways in which you are able to focus on the screen because of the curvature. In fact what happens is that your eyes actually become the point of focus like in a dish antenna. Good contrast ratio actually means superior viewing experience and enhanced color experience.

Curved screen adapt well to the eyes curvature itself and therefore provides a uniform exposure to the eyes. Manufacturers take this fact seriously and that is one of the reasons why television makers strive to keep the curvature at its best with regards to a typical viewer. The reason to have a curved screen for optimal viewing experience for the watcher is therefore more scientific than for just introducing a feature for the sake of it.

LG is reputed manufacturer of televisions worldwide and have the distinction for introducing innovative features. Some of the popular LG OLED models include: Curved OLED TV in 4K Ultra HD Resolution (model №65EC970T), Future of TV (model No. OLED65E6T), OLED65B6T, OLED55E6T, Curved OLED TV in 4K Ultra HD Resolution 55EG960T, FHD Curved OLED Cinema 3D Smart TV 55EA9700 and FHD Curved OLED Cinema 3D Smart TV with webOS and wall mount option 55EC930T.

Features Overview of LG OLED TVs

Depending upon which model you choose to buy , the LG OLED TVs may include one of the many features shown below.

OLED HDR with Dolby VisionSelf, Lighting PixelInfinite, ConatrastPerfect, ColorBlade and SlimSound Designed by Harman Kardon. Video specs include: True 4K Engine, ultra luminance, 3D color mapping, resolution upscaler, active noise reduction, dynamic clear white, Picture mode (includes: Vivid, Standard, APS, Cinema, Cricket, Game, Photo, HDR Effect, ISF Expert(Bright Room).ISF Expert) etc.

Speaker system included in the TV are: Dolby Digital Decoder, 2.2 Channel speaker system, 40W audio output, OLED sourround system, sound modes include: standard, cinema, clear voice III, music, 3 mode sound optimizer and game.

Available feature include 3D cinema. Formats supported by the TV include s/s, t/b and c/b. For full description of all features we will recommend you to read the TV’s manual.

Ordering LG OLED TVs

If you live in Dubai, you can order LG OLED TVs from Gadgetby.com. They stock all the top models. You can choose the right model based on your requirements and budget. The advantage of ordering from Gadgetby.com is that you can pay by cash after you receive the TV at your home. Normally you will receive your TV within 5 hours of ordering it if the point of delivery is located in Dubai. There are no models of LG that has been left out and you will be able to compare features sitting the comfort of your home. Track your order can also be done online itself.

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