Kid Icarus Review

Whew. Anyone that finished Kid Icarus legit, is either especially skilled or spent quite a bit of time playing. After using the Game Genie to help through the last bit of Castlevania, I decided to try it out on this one. What a handy device. To be clear, I realize I have not truly beaten the game, but my time is valuable and I wouldn’t be finishing the game otherwise. Too many other games to play.

I enjoyed the levels and the bit of variety each brings. The final level of each world were each quite the maze before being able to reach the world’s boss. After stumbling my way through the world 1–4 boss on my own, I resorted to using online maps for the remainder. It wasn’t until I pulled one up that I realized just how many screens you had to go through in the correct order. See e.g. Impressive.

Stage 4–1 was a nice change of pace too. Just different enough to let you know something big is approaching, but simple enough to not make you feel like you are having to learn something totally new for what is a single level.

Are you a (Eggplant) Wizard? Not a fan of you, especially before using maps and having to locate the medic room naturally.

Overall, enjoyed Kid Icarus and its story/theme. Happy to finally have some context for Pit next time I play Smash Bros.

On to Uprising! I actually started Uprising years ago, but am looking forward to trying it again on a New 3DS (thanks to the C-stick).

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