Why have you abandoned Lists, Twitter?

I don’t need to rewrite the uses of Twitter Lists, they are pretty awesome. yet they seem to be highly underrated. Why?

One problem: you, Twitter.

The idea is to allow people to curate lists of Twitter accounts.

Back in September 2009, you announced a new feature that your teams had been working on. A new feature that would allow people to curate lists of Twitter accounts and let other’s subscribe to them.

Amazing. I could finally build out lists that show tweet streams tailored to me, filtering out some of the unwanted tweets of people I follow (sometimes, a stream of tweets in bursts of a minute, isn’t what I want to be reading).

Since 2009, what have you done with Lists?

  • You’ve made me click twice to get to Lists on the web
  • You’ve made me touch three times to get Lists on iOS
  • You’ve removed the ability to search Lists
  • You’ve introduced Timelines, Moments, Polls, Vine, Periscope
  • You’ve abandoned Lists.

You’ve got an incredible team of Product designers. Is anyone giving Lists some loving? If not, I sure would give Lists another shot.

In frustration, I’ve built, on top of your API a way to find and subscribe to lists recommended by the community with many features coming soon that I wish Lists could do in native-Twitter.

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