After I read your article, I did a bit of reading.
John Zen

Yes, India has a great role in evicting ethnic Nepali (Hindu) from southern Bhutan. The reason I am saying this is, India let the way to Nepal why they flee out Bhutan to save their life. But when Bhutanese refugee in Nepal tried to go back their country march passing, they blocked India Nepal boarder. India always keep saying it is Nepal and Bhutan issue. Never tried to mediate or facilitate to resolve issue. Other wise why India free their boarder to Bhutan and blocked boarder with Nepal when tried to get back home. It is non of their business.

India keep playing dirty games with neighboring countries. The latest example is, year ago India food blockade to Nepal.

So without India support Bhutan will not dare to adopt deadly ethnic cleansing policy.

They claim to be the biggest democracy in south Asia, but in fact they are not.

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