We Chose The Better Ending

“Gadis, what you do right now is amazing. You have such amazing opportunity that you catches well with your equally amazing talent. I think you should be really focus, and purge the rest that will hold you back for giving 100% into what you do.
I, too, have my own thing that I have to focus on. And that is to resolve my life course. Right now, I should be focus on my own self and stop trying to catch someone else’s shadow.
So, let’s support each other.
Let’s support each other by taking our personal relationship out of the way.
Because I know, at this stage, it is not my presence that will be your support. It is my detachment.”

He said, on the night of our separation

I never knew it would ended this well.

We both, in a mature manner, understand that sense of comfort, caring & physical connection is not enough for us to stay together. We understand our separation will not only liberates us, but also escalates us to our own self-development. We both understand. And I’m glad it’s him who took the call.

“Will you regret all the things you did for me? All the tears, all the pain, all the hardwork?”
“Of course not. It was great and I had fun. I wouldn’t have this huge urgency to find my own course if it wasn’t because of seeing how much your ship has sailed so far away. I was at your side when you set sailed, so I know how much you thrive for that. I was at your side when you wake up at 3am just to study, I was at your side when you watch documentary film until you fell asleep and I was also there when you have to squeeze me into your schedule just so we have time to snuggle. So I realised that we are not on a same ship, and I have to find my own course.
And remember, we separate because we want to support each other. So I will still be here, as your buddy.”

We could’ve listed hundreds of negative aspects of each other that make it more obvious why we shouldn’t be together.

We could throw rages on each other and leave with hatred.

But, no, we didn’t.

Because you choose not to.

The sea was extremely calm, you can even see the moon beaming warmly from the water reflection.

We hug and do a ‘pacantel’ before the ships gone our separate ways and wave goodbye.

The story started with a warm greeting, and ended with a warm goodbye.

You started this by introducing me to the feeling of zsa-zsa-zsu with your lovely smile. Thank you, for keeping that lovely smile until the end.

Thank you, Sentje.

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