Tritangtu & Polarity

“Gazing up at the sky should be a mandatory habit”

Why so? She asked.

The 3 Dimensional world, where we lived in right now, transpires a perfect polarity; positive & negative, rich & poor, virtue & vice, empirical & theoritical, mystical & physical,

Feminime & masculine,

Feeling & reasoning,

Sky & earth,

Yin & yang,

Celestial & Terra.

So, what? She asked again, impatiently

Human is the “&

Our feet are nailed to this earth, bounded by gravity and our worldly desires. And this bound often makes us forget that we are here to be the link between those polarity, makes us forget that we are here to embrace both polar.

To be both subtle and hard, to be both nice and evil, to be both selfish and altruist, to feel both misery and pleasure. The first step into harmony, is from experiencing both extremity.

Human is the “&

Gazing up at the sky reminds us that we live in the centre of the polar between Sky & Earth.

Human, Sky & Earth; Tritangtu, the trinity that exists to balance the polarity.


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