Two Disparate Entity

Sun Ascendant
and like the Sun,
he had a side of him;
a bright light,
a marvelous intelect,
a fervent force,
that no one wouldn’t even dare to compare.

Moon Ascendant
and like the moon, 
she had a side of her;
a calm light,
a nurturing nature,
an enticing force,
that everyone drawn into.

Every dawn,
to end a day
the Moon always asked one question to the Sun,
before she starts her ritual of reflecting a calm light during the night;
“How was your day, Sun?”

and every dusk, 
the Sun always asked one question to the Moon,
before he starts his ritual of illuminating the whole world during the day,
“How was your night, Moon?”

My dear Anima,
My dear Magneto,
My dear Sun,
happy birthday.

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