GAEA Master Guide: Everything You Need to Know

GAEA Trading

Welcome to GAEA’s Crypto Derivatives Trading Master Guide.

This is a complete index of all the educational tools you may need to learn about GAEA’s product tools, visions, and financial engineers.

About the GAEA Company and Financial Engineers

Understand GAEA Financial Ecology
GAEA Financial Ecology Planning
Golden Financial Report: Interview with GAEA Engineers: Using Mature Design to Futures Market Vulnerabilities
GAEA’s First Batch of Financial Institutions (Brokers) Settled

About GAEA Investment Products, Token Usage, Trading Tools

Security Token
Quantitative Arbitrage Tools
GAEA Currency Tool
GAEA’s Coin Exchange Tool

Investment Strategies

The Transaction Strategy
Calendar Vision Strategy
Brick Strategy
Grid Strategy
Dual Thrust Strategy

Contract Interpretations

Delivery Settlement Pricing
Interpretation of Contract Type (1): FOK Commission
Interpretation of Contract Type (2): Iceberg Commission
Interpretation of Contract Type (3): Passive Delegate
Interpretation of Contract Type (4): Reduce-Only Commission

GAEA Trader Advantages

GT — GAEA Token Financial Protection Enhancement Plan
GAEA’s Dividend Plan Officially Launched This Month
GAEA Broker Equity Plan
GT Value-Added Potential

GAEA Trading Platforms

PC and MAC Versions Launched!

GAEA’s Achievements

GAEA Wins “Most Potential in Development Derivatives Trading Platform” Award
GAEA’s First Delivery Date
24hr Contract Turnover: 35.5 Million USD
24hr Contract Turnover: 139.9 Million USD
24hr Contract Turnover: 173.3 Million USD
24hr Contract Turnover: 409.3 Million USD
24hr Contract Turnover: 1.4 Billion USD

On-going Reward Programs

GAEA Rebate Program
Simulation Trading Competition (Nov. 15–30)

Past Trading Competitions and Events

Simulated Trading Contest (August 16, 2018)
GAEA Triple Gifts Event (September 16, 2018)
Mid-Autumn Festival with GAEA — Get a chance to win a BMW! (Sept 21 — Oct 8)
National Day Celebration, 4 Activities
Learn Bitcoin Futures, Earn GT

Latest Platform Updates:

100x Leverage on GAEA Simulation Trading
GAEA Diversity — Web Languages Update (9/21/18)
Simulation Trading Update: added ADA, BCH, EOS, ETC, LTC, NEO, ONT, XRP, and other currency index
GAEA Broker Landing Page Active

GAEA Monthly Operational Reports

October 2018
November 2018

GAEA Transaction Reports

BTC and ETH Futures — September 29
BTC and ETH Futures — September 30

GAEA Timeline Highlights

September 16 — Official Launch 10,000 Transactions on Day One

*Page under construction*

GAEA Trading

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Committed to building the world’s most professional digital asset derivatives trading platform & internationalization of digital asset derivatives.

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