/e/ is looking for their VP of Software Engineering!

Sheep with 5 legs

You know the project. It’s super-exciting:

  • most of software technologies fields are present in our project, from low-level stuff (kernel, security, crypto…) to high-level (user interfaces, services…)
  • we’re doing open source
  • we’re dealing with user’s data privacy concerns
  • we want to build a significant project, for a better world

Our team of developers is spread over several continents (and timezones!), everyone is working remotely: brilliant and passionate people, different cultures… who deliver a lot.

The profile I’m looking for is a “VP of software engineering” who will help me to manage and drive all the software development projects we have.

Required education/skills/experience:

  • a master/engineer degree in computer sciences
  • full-stack, self-learning, passionate
  • 10 years+ experience in software development, has already lead teams of developers
  • great management and communication skills with people, mostly in remote mode
  • strong apetite for things getting done on schedule
  • resilient, never gives up

Can be potentially anywhere in the world, with a fast and reliable Internet connexion.

Salary level will depend on skills and experience.

Please send an email with your CV and a motivation letter to: join@e.email, with subject “VP of Engineering”

Feel free to share with friends…

Gaël Duval (Twitter: @gael_duval / Mastodon: @gael@mastodon.social)