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Learn programming languages fast

“Every form of human creativity and genius is a process of doing it and getting better at it. Become a programmer by programming, there is no other ways. So do it, do it more, do it better. Fail, fail better. This is the key of all success”

revisited citation of Margaret Atwood

In your career of programmer, we well know you will see many programming languages, each more interesting than the last and your versatility as a programmer will depends on you mastering a lot of them (Not all, let’s be clear about that). So be able to fast learning a programming language is a ability that will certainly interest you. Let’s see some tips and methods that may help in that perspective :

We all born the same. Everything is learned

let’s first begin by silencing some suspicions and some stupid ideas that bring lack of confidence.

We all born the same. Abilities and competences are not innate, they are all learned, specially when we are talking about being good at learning. If some persons have more facilities to master something, a science, a technology or whatever, it’s just because, they have “learned how to learn it”. Assimilate knowledge is an abilities like anyone else, it take time and efforts to acquire it.

It’s true, some person born with amazing cerebral abilities like excellent memory, impressive abilities of visualization… but go to Google and search for all the others person that was “normal” in their childhood and then by learning, have been able to get those same abilities and sometime, at a more elevated level. So you’ve got no excuse and to the people who uses to say “ I am not made for that”, change your mind right away, because anyone is made for anything.

If you’re interesting in learning how to learn, this 6 hours free course will be good for you :

With that being clarified, let’s get straight to the tips :

1- Make projects

You’ve certainly heard it a lot of time in the past, you will heard it a lot of time in the future for sure and I am going to repeat it right now : the best way to learn something is by practicing it. This expression is simple to get, but more difficult to apply for some people. About the programming, languages are very interesting when it comes to their area of competences, their power, their efficiency and to many others stuff like. But when you are learning them, all this interesting and amazing part is not directly involved. You’re basically learning rules and applying them in examples, and at this point it may get boring if you don’t have lot of imagination. That is why, meanwhile your learning, you need to find a project where you will realize stuff and along the way you will see the progress you’ve made because your project will get more and more shaped, more and more complete so your motivation can be maintain as long as possible.

So making project will basically help you on many part but mainly on two very important ones :

Gaining experience by making mistake and facing bugs

Honestly, I don’t think there is something to explain. Mastering languages is a lot of work and memorization, but all of them have their own tips that make development and programming easier and those tips in general aren’t taught in courses. You needs to experience issues and bugs in order find them. And even if they were taught in tutorials, it would be much more efficient to learn them by your own and the reason of that is simple : you will memorize easier something that you’ve learned by yourself.

maintain motivation as long as possible

Let me tell you something essential. it’s not a life’ lesson or on of those citation of the “kind old man”. It’s just a simple fact : “you need to love what you do in order to be good at it”. Without passion, there is no motivation, without motivation, there is no need to start, you won’t be good at it. Making project will permit you to link programming and your others passions so you won’t get bored in the beginning.

And don’t be frustrated if you don’t have a project in mind, you can simply search for the net, there is certainly among all the examples you will finds, one that will make you jumping like a kangaroo😉.

2- motivation not that important : train your discipline

it’s true, I’ve said (or write 😅) that motivation is important to start something and tips like making projects will help you maintain it as long as possible. But motivation as been given to much important nowadays.

When you begin doing something that you love, that you are passionate about, you certainly have a lot of motivation, it’s totally normal. At the beginning it’s really exciting, you can pass hours and hours on it. But a moment can appear where the motivation isn’t enough to continue, things are getting boring whatever you do, the time you were spending on it decrease and you start thinking about giving up. Of course, this don’t happens to everyone, because motivation power depends on people and thing they are motivated about, but many times this power decrease and this is a normal thing. A human brain searching for strong stimulation (like learning or doing interesting stuff, solving problems, programming…) get always bored. So at one moment if your are felling that your motivation is not constant, don’t give up right away. It’s normal. This is the kind of episode that you will have to go through if you want to finish what you’ve begin and retrieve your motivation.

When you are at this point, discipline will make all the difference between people that continue and success in their learning and the others….

And like I said earlier, everything can be learned. So learn to be disciplined, train your mental strength to impose yourself things that you know are good for you but that you don’t wanna do for “stupid reasons”. And at the en that will help you keep working hard so you can pass through this episode without losing anything. Because whatever the languages you are learning, when you finish mastering the basics and you are starting building projects and solving problem like a real programmer, boredom won’t have place anymore.

3- Don’t learn alone

There is a favorable environment for everything you are doing, including learning. This is absolutely not primordial but it can really make it easier and funniest. If your friends or people you are close to have interests in what you are doing and wanna work together, you better go on and try to your best. Learning with others people will also remind you to “stay human” if you are the kind of person who use to get lost in his mind when he is concentrate.

But working with others may be double edged. Stay focus on your purpose and don’t forget why you are in the team, if you think it would be more efficient for you to learn alone, don’t be afraid or frustrated try for a while and see if that your best option. If that’s the case, then you know what to do. Think about yourself.

4- a last advice

One last advice to be able to learn fast a programming language is : to teach it. Apart from the fact that this one will kill many tutorial and YouTube channel 😂. This is very efficient way to learn faster.

When we are taking long courses that needs a lot of our time, we use to skip parts thinking that we understand them, that “there is no need to lose time on this”. But when come to explain them, there is the problem.

If you are not capable of explaining something, you don’t understand it, nothing more, nothing less. So try to imagine you will have to teach to others people what you are learning so that you can learn it better. And if this is not enough, just do it : write tutorials, make videos. That will help you a lot in the memorization part and will increase a lot of others skill like expressing yourself with eloquence, confidence…

And don’t forget :

“Every form of human creativity and genius is a process of doing it and getting better at it. Become a programmer by programming, there is no other ways. So do it, do it more, do it better. Fail, fail better. This is the key of all success”

passionate about informatics science, technology and the world

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