The level of hypocrisy among Trump supporters never ceases to amaze me.
Donny Post

Donny Post, you are a true blue liberal: rant namecalling slurs at the people who refuse to buy what you’re selling? Surely, you can do better than that. The simple truth is this: the people voting fro Trump refuse to put the Hillary Clinton into yet another position of power. She has DEMONSTRATED (unlike your allegations of what-ifs against DT) that she has or the laws of the land, she will DO anything SAY anything to aquire for herself more power — at any cost to America, her family, her followers like you, her constituents. She has committed treasonous crimes. Period. She has lied under oath. Period. Her husband was impeached for that; should she be elected for that?!?

The truth is (for all of your bile spewing accusations of ignorance against those who will not vote for her) it is the Educated voter, the Imformed voter, the actual working American voter that wants a President Donald Trump to restore some sense of Law and Order to this clearly corrupt and vulnerable government crowd. Obama and now Hilary have in fact admitted to targeting the Idiot Class with their message (I believe they use a euphemism called “low information voters” haha). They think you are too stupid to see who and what she is. And perhaps you are. But don’t imagine for one second that those who want President Trump are not voting for their own survival.