Opt For The Best Bakery Accessories In Canada For Great Presentations

Packaging fresh produce in stores and supermarkets is now gaining huge business with retailers seeking myriad ways to augment the appearance, freshness, and shelf life of food items.

Need for Packaging

Adding to the urgency of finding affordable, high quality packaging solutions is the fact that we have been witnessing left over food pile up in epic proportion, even when one in nine people around the planet would go hungry every night. Many research agencies have reported that one quarter of all wasted food could feed millions of undernourished people around the world who suffer from hunger.

Further complicating the packaging challenges for various food and beverage companies are their aggressive sustainability goals.

Innovation In The Packaging World

A confluence of new developments might just make a positive impact on all counts — improving shelf life, reducing food waste and delivering a sustainable option. Hence food packaging industry in Canada is looking into innovative packaging techniques that can extend shelf-life and preserve quality while maintaining the balance between attractive presentation and shelf life.

Firms have come up with an amazing brand-new packaging collection that involves recyclable and reusable paper bags which are considered to be a game changer for food packaging shelf life and sustainability. These packaging innovations can do both, look the best and stay the best for a long time.

Good News For Bakers

Since baking has become a crucial part of the food industry, a variety of fold and lock bakery boxes have been introduced ensuring that the baker’s hard work must not go in vain.

These spectacular looking boxes with a glossy exterior and matte kraft interior are FDA approved and made up of 100% recycled material. You can also try sturdy bakery accessories made in Canada such as inserts for cupcake boxes that are designed for both standard and mini-sized cupcakes. These ensure that your beautifully crafted cupcakes are protected against tipping and sliding during transport.

Lots of other bakery and cupcake boxes have been designed by some of most prominent firms in Canada that have been used by customers to transport their desserts safely.

Once you have packaged your food items in a sustainable, organic, high quality barrier material, the wastage of food can be minimized up to a great extent. Once the wastage is controlled, people who are devoid of essential food items can be fed more.

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