Any industry or company willing to make it needs to hype-up its story and results. When you sell your business and product, wrapping it in a story with buzzwords, awesome goals and sick mountain climbing metaphors is a core aspects of your pitch. After all, discussing ‘the cloud’ is sexier than ‘external hosting servers’, talking about ‘auto-entrepreneurs’ is a lot more compelling than ‘protection-less employment’, as much as ‘user-generated content’ is more marketable than ‘unpaid labour’.

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The storytelling challenge here is to find a better way to talk about technology so that people can adapt progressively to the technological reality. But after all the tech backlash we’ve observed, it’s now given that tech giants have a PR problem. From Facebook failure to face its responsibilities to the British Parliament to Uber’s attempts to avoid being seen as a taxi company, tech companies may want to work a bit more on their public relations. …


Gaétan Perdoux

Double Degree candidate at Sciences Po Paris & Hertie School of Governance Berlin. MPP Digital, New Technology and Public Policy

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